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Revitalize Your Porch

Is your porch falling apart? Does it need an update? If so, Flanagans Porch & Windows of Largo, FL can help. With all the work performed by our owner and a team of employees, you'll get superior porch repairs without any surprise prices.


We'll even back your repairs with a 2-year labor guarantee, and we support the manufacturer's warranty on any product we install. Call 727-581-4167 to learn more.

High-quality porch repairs

Let us repair the leaky, damaged roof of your porch or patio, so it doesn't cause any further damage to your home. We can even rescreen or "revinyl" (repair brittle vinyl on windows) the windows on your porch, so they look as good as new!

Improve your porch's exterior

Help prevent further water damage by letting us install new gutters and downspouts on your porch. We have a large selection of roll form and aluminum gutters with hidden hangers to choose from, and we can complete your porch's exterior with soffit, fascia, and shutters.

Get clean, strong windows

When properly cared for, vinyl and acrylic windows will last a long time. By avoiding using harmful cleaners like alcohol and dish detergent and by purchasing the correct cleaners from us, your windows will last a lifetime. We can even clean and repair any damage that has been done to the harmful cleaners!

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